Well I had to post a…errr…post, cos my two football teams are both top of their respective leagues! A 2-0 win for the Blues last night left us two points clear at the top of the Championship, whilst this evening Vissel drew 2-2, whilse Reysol lost 1-0 toYokohama meaning Vissel go top of the J-League 2 on goal difference. Back of the net!

This week has been the first week of real teaching, after all the (endless) self-introductions at Shonon and Seishi of the past two weeks. Although its only been two weeks since I started, it’s amazing how much I’ve already learnt about the teaching. The stress has disappeared, and its been replaced by genuine enjoyment at taking lessons- before I was basking in the glory of only having one and a half hours to teach every day (3 hours on weds)- now I wish I had more! Today I did some ‘guest-teaching’ at a local kindergarten, which I’ll do once everyone month, and it was so much fun!!! The kids were so kawai (cute), we sang songs about bears, kangaroos, snakes and wombats, and then we gave out stickers. I’m teaching at the kindergarten with five 20-year old girls who can’t speak any english. It’s very different from High School, and I wouldn’t want to be doing it all the time (imagine teaching kindergarten hungover!), but it was so much fun…

This weekend I have very exciting plans- first, I’m getting the shinkansen (eek!) which is very exciting for anyone with a nerd-like obsession with super-fast trains….ahem….second, I’m getting it to Kyoto, a city that, as I may have said before, has more World Heritage sites than sense- anyway it’s meant to be one of the big highlights of Japan, and I’m staying with a friend- Hannah- so hopefully I can do it on the cheap! (Having said that the shinkansen costs about £30 one way!)

Anyway….top of the league!!!! : )