This weekend was once again fairly laid back. On Friday I raced out after a day doing the presentation lessons at the Junior High, first to Okayama for drinky-drinkies then to Kurashiki for more drinky-drinkies. I missed my last train home, so had to stay at Carrie’s place (thanks to Carrie and Phil for that).

Saturday I did shopping in Okayama- I attempted to buy a throw for my white sofa (to hide the tomato and chocolate stains), but failed. Instead I bought a book on an English traveller who came to Japan in the 1870s. Much more useful. I ended the day eating tacos and listening to The Blues beat the Baggies 2-0; back of the net!

On Sunday me, Miwa-chan and Yumi-chan went to a music festival in Tamashima, at Sami Beach. It was cool- we could hear the music from the beach itself, so stayed there most of the day. We drove back in the evening.

The picture is some of the gifts a Japanese kid gave to us. Although I’d like to say it was my “gaijin”-ness that got us the gifts, I think it was more down to Yumi-chan. Anyway this is, as you can tell, a brief post, and I’d better get back to watching my newly arrived DVDs, hurrah!

Coming soon… Shonan/Seishi Festivals and Finally:A Trip To Kyoto!