The weekend followed a highly similar pattern to last weekend, drinking most of friday night, and recovering on Saturday and Sunday. However I still managed to spend money on unnecessary new things for my apartment. I have recently been overcome with home improvement fever, and must profess to spending far too long thinking about such things as rugs, throws and lamps.

The things is, my apartment is a mess, and I think it needs some ambiance. Everyone knows that all you need to create atmosphere is a throw and a few candles. So thats where it started. Yet, like the Iraq War, the redecoration of my apartment is rapidly spiralling out of control. I now want to buy three lamps, a rug, a table AND I want to move my fridge. The trouble is, way back in August I was shocked and disturbed to see a cockroach stroll across the room and disappear under the fridge. And I’ve never seen it since. I mean its probably dead, but being a bit of a wuss I don’t really want to see a dead cockroach or a live one. Which is why at the moment the fridge stays where it is.


I feel like a rant that no-one will find interesting but its good to get it out of my system. Why the hell are there one-yen coins??? They’re so useless!!! Even buying a coke (or by preference, a “Pocari Sweat”) makes you feel like an egit if you have to hand over 150 of these ridiculous tokens.

Sort it out Japan!

And while you’re at it, stop having “ATMs” (cash machines, cash machines!!) with opening hours! Why does it ALWAYS cost me 100 yen to take out money after 6pm every day, and all weekend!?

And please, please, start understanding which sport I mean when I say “football”!!

God dammit…

Anyway next weekend my pattern of drink and sleep will be interrupted by a bout of activity. I’m going skiing in the north of Okayama Prefecture on Saturday, and then on Sunday and Monday (national holiday, woo!) exploring the northern coast of Japan with Georgina and Mori Yukiko my colleague (and Georgina’s past colleague) from Shonan. Expect much falling over, and puns involving the word “piste”.