This Saturday was my second enkai with the teachers from Seishi koko, and it was even more amusing than the first. After eating at a crab restaurant, and consuming the usual vast quantities of Asahi and Kirin, we headed for a sleazy karaoke bar where some of the really drunk teachers started singing the funniest songs. It turns out the kyoto-sensei (vice-principal) is a massive Hanshin Tigers fan, so he belted out the official Hanshin song, bellowing “Hanshin TIGERS!!!” at the top of his voice. Then the slightly bizarre but increadibly friendly history teacher got carried away singing fantasy songs from anime films; everyone was in hysterics! Sadly the night was tinged with sadness, as Friday was the last time I’ll ever teach with Chisato-san. She’s being transferred in the April teachers’ “merry go round”, and gossiping with her all day is the main reason why I like Seishi. It remains to be seen how my days there will be once I go back in April for the new school year. Thursday was graduation, so I’ll try and post some photos from that soon.

On Sunday me and Miwa took the ferry from Uno (near where I live) to Takamatsu, one of my favourite cities in Japan. We went back to the reeeally nice Ritsurin Koen, had some Kagawa-ken udon, and chilled out. It was a perfect Sunday.