After a wednesday and thursday spent eating out/drinking, I ended up getting truly drunk with Yoden sensei on friday night. This involved the regular Japanese 2-hour “nomihodai” (all you can drink), followed by a trip to Legend Bar, quite possible the classiest bar in Okayama. After cocktails, rum and wine we stumbled to Okayama station to get the last train back to Kojima.

My Saturday morning followed the classy theme, but involved less alcohol. I visited the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition at Takamatsu’s Museum of Art. It was well worth the visit, and involved crossing the wonderful Seto-Ohashi Bridge to Shikoku. After a couple of hours there I had to dash into Okayama to meet Miwa, as we were going to Hattoji, and one of Okayama’s International Villas for Yumiko’s farewell. Friends Christoper and Sarah has spent Christmas there with their family, and it was easy to see why, it was really beautiful, secluded and peaceful. It did take us about twice the time it should have to get there though due to- depending on who you ask- Miwa driving too fast, Chisato driving too slow and going the wrong way, or my terrible directions.

We were sharing the villa with three other people from Illinois, USA. It was a really nice evening and next day, although as I write this the alcohol of the past 5 days has definately caught up with me. I’ll give myself tomorrow off the drink before I head to Taiwan on tuesday!! Sugoi!!