The next day I ventured out of Taipei, to check out the coastline of northern Taiwan. Tai truly did pei too much for my breakfast sushi, and it was crap compared to Japanese sushi, but then what did I expect. I got a train to Ruifang, and then got a bus (with lots of Taiwanese people staring at me) to Jiufen, a nice mountain town with a really long covered market street, and good views out over the sea. It was full of Japanese tourists too. After staring at the nice view for a while, and eating lots of street food, I headed on to the Pingxi Rail Line, apparently a very scenic route into the moutains. It was ok, but there’s only so much excitement I can muster when faced with coal museums. After that it was getting late, so I went to the famous Keelung Market, known for its wide range of fish and traditional cooking. I had a kebab in the end. It was pretty good though. In the evening I drank in the hostel, and chatted with two loony Japanese travellers from Tokyo; it was their first time staying in a hostel, and the girl was so excited! After some beers I was gonna go out with some of the other people staying there, but we ended up drinking and watching movies all night; first The Departed (again), then Blood Diamond (DiCaprio’s South African accent is actually really good), and finally Pulp Fiction, a perfect film for 4am. I had some more of my betel nuts to keep me awake!