(**Warning: This Post Contains Moaning**)

And the winds of change are certainly blowing. Today I made the dramatic shift about 5 metres south east to my new desk. Although I thought I was going to have Manabe sensei’s desk, they’ve actually decided to put me right next to a big bin. Hmmm.

The new English teachers are nice-enough, Kawasaki sensei in particular seems like an alright bloke, but let’s face it he’s no Kagawa sensei. He definately doesn’t have a “theme tune” vibe like Kagawa sensei did. Ah, Kagawa sensei…and Michishita sensei seems like a nice lady, but she lacks the English sense of humour, and fondness for Oasis and the Libertines that made Ono sensei a one-in-a-million Japanese English teacher. It could be worse- I know plenty of people who get stuck with nightmare teachers, and the two new teachers are clearly easy to get on with and should be fairly easy to teach with (even if they’re not, I only have 2 of 5 lessons in my 3 days at Shonan with the new teachers, 2 others with Takemoto and 1 with Manabe). It’s just annoying as I probably had 75% of my conversations with Ono, Kagawa and Yoden, and now only Yoden sensei is left (and despite his protestations, we aren’t sitting next to each other).

What really bugged me today was that after the 2 hours of novelty at new faces and new views from my new desk wore off, there remained nothing for me to do, a bored ALT adrift in a sea of despair, moving from the downstairs teachers lounge to the upstairs staffroom to kill time. This will change in 2 weeks 2 days when lessons finally start, and hopefully from then on I’ll regain the enthuasiasm for life that is usually so well noted about me by friends and family.

Until then I remain a disgruntled and, oftentimes (believe it or not) pessimistic teacher who has nothing to do 35 hours a week but learn kanji and write songs lamenting the loss of Kagawa sensei, the legend that was.