Lessons are now fully underway, and I’ve gone from being the gaijin in the corner who doesn’t do much to the foreign celebrity I used to be! The new students are a mixed bunch, but (and in particular the night students) once you break the ice with them they are really keen to talk.

It also helps that I can speak a lot more Japanese now. Whilst many people are warned against using Japanese in class, it seems to work wonders at Shonan and Seishi, where the students are of a very low level. Even the odd word or Japanese phrase makes them much more willing to talk to you in English, and it also means they feel they can chat outside of lessons to you as you’ll often understand.

It was also great to see all the students from last year, especially my favourites from Takemoto sensei’s class! Next week I have more lessons, as well as a “business trip” to Kurashiki and a health check which involves all kinds of invasive procedures apparently (nothing too bad I’ve been assured). Then its a week of holiday, hurrah!!