This is long overdue, but first and foremost Congratulations to Christopher and Sarah! on the birth of their son, Ezra James, absolutely wonderful news.

The first half of this weekend was a bit of a blur. On Friday I went out drinking with Kawahara sensei and Kagawa sensei. Kawahara was blinged up to the max with his Louis Vuitton wallet, Gucci watch, and a silver ring on a chain around his neck. He completed the look with a pair of Edgar Davids-esque sunglasses. We went to an izakaya in Kojima and had the requisite 2-hour nomihodie, as well as some really good food. It seems Kawahara is something of a regular at the place, and he was on fine form. Towards the end of the evening I was trying to teach him and most of the bar staff the difference between saying “belly”, “berry” and “very”, without much success. It was great to see Kagawa sensei again, I felt like bursting into song when I saw him but I restrained myself.

Saturday was painful. I spent the afternoon shopping at Aeon with Meghan, and managed to buy some clothes as well as eating the wonderful bukkake udon for dinner. This may be its first mention on the blog, but it is a firm favourite food and topic of conversation for me recently. In the evening I met Georgina, Miwa, Miwa’s friend “Mehhh-chan”, or “Lovely”, and Lovely’s boyfriend for drinks.

Sunday me and Miwa joined Chisato, Meghan, Georgina and 2 of Christopher’s work colleagues in a visit to the hospital to see Christopher, Sarah and little Ezra. He’s very cute! And I managed to hold him without dropping him. In fact even more impressive I managed to look fairly comfortable holding him in a photograph (despite the beads of sweat that suggest the contrary).