Having already tried Japan’s first sporting love at Shonan (baseball) I got the chance to try it’s second today- golf! It seems that after their youth and energy is sapped by the steady passage of time, Japanese men, staring retirement in the face, take up the sport that we all know isn’t really a sport. En mass.

Yoshida sensei (Shonan) seems to play every weekend, and practice several times a week. And today I experienced the thrills of golf firsthand with Sugihara sensei at the driving range. Having already managed to read books, watch videos, surf the net all day and even play Wii sports with another teacher there, I wasn’t surprised when we got permission to take off from Seishi High for a couple of hours of golfing fun.

Sugihara sensei is a good golf sensei- at first I was hacking wildly at the ball, but by the end the ball’s flight was truly poetry in motion. Except I killed a sparrow! I suppose they usually guess the path of various golf balls quite well, but this guy clearly underestimated the ridiculous angles which I could make it fly off at. Taihen desu ne.

Anyway, yesterdays grudge pool match with Pip was postponed till Thursday, so that’s the date of my next sporting challenge…