Two days have passed (or maybe three), and I sensed you were all eager to hear more about Kaminocho station’s new ticket barrier. It became clear to me yesterday morning that the arrival of said barrier is a major event in the lives of many Kojima residents. As I arrived at the station for my commute to Seishi High there was actually a small posse of old people standing around the barrier discussing it. It reminded me of the ewoks staring in awe at R2D2 and prodding him with sticks. Anyway, its truly big news when the old people stare at the barrier rather than me!

The rest of my day yesterday was about as laid back as could possibly be. In fact its quite scandalous that I got paid for what was 7 hours of total relaxation. It started with my getting into work at 1pm only to be told that there was a big meeting until 3pm, so I could take off and go shopping for 2 hours. After a leisurely trip around Aeon shopping mall I headed back to sit down for the afternoon movie on TV (in Japanese, but still). After dozing through that I had a leisurely dinner whilst watching more TV. Just as I was settling down to do something productive S-sensei declared it was time for golf practice! So off we went, in his sports car, to the local driving range for an hour of practice, before he dropped me off at home a full hour earlier than I’m meant to finish.

Today was like being in a labour camp by comparison. I had two whole lessons, although one of them did include eating tacos. And between the hours of 3 and 4 I played in a mini target golf tournament with Yoshida sensei, Kawahara sensei and Toda sensei. We even had students to carry our clubs! 🙂

Despite all this stress-free living I remain on edge for the coming weekend, as a big, bad, scary typhoon is scheduled to hit mainland Japan on sunday. I’ll either be at home or in Kyoto, where I’m hoping to see the Gion Matsuri, though I can’t imagine how good that’ll be in a torrential downpour. Only time will tell…