One of my jobs as Shonan High’s resident foreigner is to come up with a naff English slogan for the school festival. This is meant to be based loosely on the ideas of students in the “organising committee”.

Last year we had the pretty cool “All Our Hearts Beat As One”. Wish I’d thought of that one. It was certainly a step up from “Let’s Make All Our Dreams Come True”, which inexplicably seems to be a favourite phrase of Ono-sensei. The year before that someone had clearly be watching the Three Muskateers, and shamefully stole “All For One, One For All”. The cheek!

Anyway this year I was given very strict parameters for what I could and couldn’t choose, which severely hampered my creativity from the outset. The “Organising Commitee” presented me with “One Day Treasure Believe Your Friend”. When I broke the news that this was completely nonsensical, they requested I think up a tagline with a similar ‘feeling’ to it. After pausing to wondering what feeling is actually associated with this car-crash of the English language, we finally settled on “A Day To Treasure With Friends”. It’s certainly less grandiose than “All Our Hearts Beat As One”, but for an afternoon of lazing around school and eating takoyaki- aka the School Festival- it seems quite appropriate.

Anyway, its been a while since there’s been a competition on the blog so lets see who can think up the best Japanese-English-“nice thought behind it but sounds pretty cheesy in practice”-slogan. Prizes will of course be available.