After 12 long weeks, and 132 frames of competitive pool, the outcome of mine and Phil’s epic contest will be decided in four days time.

Tonight I clawed my way back into a game that I thought I would lose (4-2 down at the break) to sneak it 6-5, and keep my hopes alive. In 3 months I haven’t once led the tournament, yet whenever Phil has taken a lead I’ve eventually pegged him back. Its now 6 matches each…

Monday will be a tense encounter, yet it will also be a sad one as its the last chance I’ll get to see my good friend from Wales before he returns, via Malaysia, to Europe, and before I head off to Thailand for my summer holidays.

Look out for photos of our last bout, including Pool Master Akira, and news on who triumphs and becomes 2007 Okayama Prefecture Gaijin-In-Akira’s-Bar Pool Champion.