This weekend I said goodbye to good friends Carrie and Phil, who are leaving Japan and moving to Prague. Well actually I said goodbye to Carrie, as I’ll be facing Phil in tomorrow’s tense Pool Final, which will be the last time I see him on these sunny isles. Our farewell involved a curry at the delightfully named SWAD (does it stand for something? what does it mean? answers on a postcard) followed by some drinks. Photos to follow when I steal them from other blogs.

On Saturday I returned once again to my favourite place Takamatsu, revisiting Ritsurin Koen and the lovely area around the train station and by the waterfront.

And on Thursday I’ll be off to Thailand!! By the time I come back I’ll have been living in Japan for over a year- plenty of time to philosophise on that later though, as at the moment the mighty Iraq are battling with the equally mighty Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup Final. Come on Iraq! I’m sure no-one would begrudge that nation something to cheer about.