Tim and Joe’s stay in Japan ended in the best way possible- a long weekend drinking our cares away in one of the world’s greatest cities. We whiled 4 days away drinking in Shibuya clubs and woeful Roppongi bars, as well as watching the Blues pick up a credible point away against Liverpool in Ebisu’s Footnik pub.

Having already seen 90% of what we visited over the weekend, I was surprised by how happy I was to see it all again- more of Harajuku‘s small town “Camden” feel, Ginza‘s bright lights and shininess, Shinjuku‘s skyscrapers (minus the Park Hyatt this time), and the requisite singing in the middle of Shibuya crossing at 6am. We also went to some places I hadn’t visited before- Tokyo National Museum, slap bang in the middle of Ueno Park, and Odaibu, a strange offshore development, where we had some great Hawaiian burgers.

It was sad to see Joe-san and Timmy-chan leave, but we had three great weekends of drinking and sightseeing in Osaka, Okayama and Kobe, and Tokyo, and I think they saw some of the best
Japan has to offer.

Odaibu View- Paris, Tokyo, and New York all in one shot (in a way).

“I’ve Never Felt A Pain Like This Before…”- Tokyo Life Takes Its Toll

Newfound Friends in Senso-ji, Asakusa