Another weekend gone, another week of work ahead. Ach. Recently my spirits at work have plummeted faster than a Mourinho-less Chelsea. I spent thursday and friday sitting in a room all day, listening to back episodes of the wonderful Guardian Football Weekly Podcast, presented by that great man James Richardson, of Channel 4’s Football Italia fame. Yet despite this diversion, for all the world I could have sat in a small cardboard box for two days and achieved as much. Lessons have stopped for a mere two weeks this time, yet the spare time drives me insane- believe it or not, I want a job where I actually have to work!

Still, on the bright side, I got shockingly drunk and ended up in karaoke once again on friday, after attending the Shonan “Wakamonokai”, or young teachers enkai. This basically entailed skipping the usual “1st party”, with all its formalities, and going straight to the 2nd party of drunken revellry. In total there were 12 teachers, ranging for the tender age of 22 all the way up to 28. I was the 3rd youngest there. We arrived stylishly late in Nishi-T’s suped up Nissan, but weren’t actually the latest- at a normal enkai, being late would result in some seriously evil stares. After going to 3 or 4 bars the crowd thinned as people had to get the last trains, but due to our 4-wheel transport, courtesy of Nishi-T, we hung around till the early hours singing all manner of things from “Like A Rolling Stone” to Kobukuro’s “Sakura”, and many many songs I didn’t know, as well as- obviously- the Hanshin Tigers Song! 🙂 This was followed by an impromptu street performance afterwards, which drew crowds of applause (well, crowds at least). Excellant stuff!

PS– Not only am I back in the Hanshin Groove, but Hanshin are back in their groove, having finally won 2-1 on friday night! Hazzah!! (I should point out though this was quickly followed by a 6-1 defeat on saturday).