Hello. Thought I should post something, as its been a while since my last posts on Hanshin’s failure and my wedding success. Nothing much has been happening in the world of Steven Martin however- lessons go on, the seasons are changing as Japan once more descends into its cold phase, and I’m considering buying a new suit.

In the upcoming weeks I have a series of drinking engagements with various teachers, Shonan’s festival (in which, of course, I am playing), hopefully a visit to Kyoto to see the beautiful koyou (red leaves of autumn), and the dreaded Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3, which I am busy studying hard for. Then its off on winter holidays.

Of far more pressing concern at the moment is the organisation of some sort of future plan- the internet poll idea probably wasn’t the best way to decide my future (well pointed out Tim), however something isn’t going to just land in my lap and I need to actively partake in finding gainful employment (or bumming around if I decide to do a Masters). Anyway this isn’t happening so far- I have lots of time though, and if any of you blog readers happen to be millionaires with cash to spare (as one probably would have if one was a millionaire), then please send it to me.

Anyway, for now adios and please look into my new feature on the sidebar- Steve’s Betting Corner!