Friday was the first day of the school festival,with stage performances involving lots of girls dancing and some boys dressing up as girls. It was short and sweet, finishing around 2, but I ended up staying at school until 7.30pm, practicing with Natto and making t-shirts for our Saturday performance. We worked out an excellant opening routine, involving me and Murakami prancing on to the stage to the “Numa” song, a Romanian pop song by “O-zone” (“miahi! miahu! miaha! miahaha!”) – apparently its big in Japan. You can listen to the song here– its so great!!

Yuta rocks up for band practice

Yui-chan, Wakana-chan, Miho-chan

T-Shatsu Tsukurimasu!

Yuta pausing for thought

Never Miss A Photo Opportunity!

Our performance on saturday went perfectly, including the prancing onto the stage to Romanian pop music. In fact everyone in the music club did really well- despite nerves beforehand- so all were very happy afterwards. The rest of the festival was great fun, with old teachers turning up (Miyoshi sensei, and Kagawa sensei!!), excellant yakitori and cheap takoyaki, and lots of attention thanks to my dashing good looks and funky dress sense (also being the only foreigner at the festival helped). You can listen to the “Official Festival Song”, Million Films by Kobukuro, here

Miho and Wakana by the Festival Gate

Me, Yuta and Wakana just before going on stage

Hayashi-T, Kawa-T and Toda-T

Post-Gig Relaxation with Kawa-T and Murakami

Random Child Takes A Liking To My Glasses

Kagawa-sensei!! And his son Kazuo, who remembered me from when we went to the beach 🙂

Seito Hard At Work Making Takoyaki

Kaneda Natsumi (middle) is a big fan of English!

Kawa-T, Toda-T, Miho and Futaba-chan