Last weekend I went to Kobe and saw the magical Christmas Luminarie. It was really really shiny!

I also went to the spiritual (and indeed physical) home of the Hanshin Tigers, Koshien!! Sadly it was closed for reconstruction but I still got to pose outside and throw a baseball around, which is always fun.

Finally I also made it to the Akashi Ohashi, the world’s longest suspension bridge which I’ve passed many times on my way to or back from Kobe/Osaka, but never seen up close. More excitingly I’ve just learnt from Wikipedia that in 1998 it claimed its title from Hull’s Humber Bridge (which has now sank to number 4) – et tu Timmy-chan!

Passing the Akashi Ohashi on the train back from Osaka a few weeks ago

Kobe Luminarie, which appears every year in honour of those who died in the Greak Kanto Earthquake of 1995.

Hey Hey! Hannnnshin, Taigaasu!

Up close at the Hashi.