On saturday I went in to “Kitamura”, the camera shop from which I bought my camera. It seems to have a scratch on the inside mirror, which doesn’t appear on any pictures but does come up on the viewfinder every time. I wanted to get it fixed. The lady at the shop seemed oblivious to my desires. When I finally coaxed her into taking a look through the viewfinder, I got a grudging “aah” from her.

She then decided to speak in crazily complex Japanese, and when I didn’t understand, write down what she had said in kanji. Like that would help. Anyway she then got me to write down my name and keitai number, and informed me the camera would have to be sent to Osaka for an estimation. “An estimation?” I confirmed in Japanese, double checking the Japanese she had declared as meaning “estimation” rather than “confiscation” or something else. “Yes”, she replied. She took my camera and stared at me as if I were an intrusion on the face of the planet. Eventually I harrumphed a bit, and left the shop.

I am now sans camera and waiting for a call. Damn woman. I want my camera back! Especially as I’ve been inspired and want to take many photos this weekend. Which I now can’t do (unless I use my compact, which obviously isn’t the same).

In better news my new kakkoi shoes will be arriving on saturday, and I have another drinking party, so I probably won’t be in any fit state to take photos anyway. Still. Grrrr.