What have I done since getting back from holiday? Well, for one I’ve got extremely sick! Disaster! At the moment I’m running a fever, have a headache, nausea and am unable even to play Football Manager- its a miracle I’m typing this, although after all of yesterday lying in bed groaning I had to attempt something today. I guess, looking back, its all entirely my own fault.

The culprit is pictured to the left- Spirytus, a 95% spirit (yes, I also though that would leave you blind, but here I am with full sight) which I had two shots of neat on Saturday, before and after drinking all manner of other things for Kawahara T’s birthday. If my alcohol tolerance has slipped since being in Japan I’m doing my utmost recently to get it back on track. I’m an extremely busy man this week, so sadly I’ll have to go into work on friday come what may. At least I can rest up until then I suppose…

Aaarg, the pain of being ill! Ok thats it for now, I’m going back to bed.