Hello and welcome to the third and final incarnation of “Steve Says Kanpai!”, complete with new black background, red writing, and the ability to display weird and wonderful videos straight from YouTube!

To welcome you all, here is a selection of bideo’s (as we say over here) from my wonderful country, Japan!! If they load slowly pause them, and let them load first, before playing.


1. Tarako

The Tarako phenomenon that swept Japan in 2003… all started with an advert for “Tarako” pasta sauce, a sauce made from fish eggs.

2. Rokko Oroshi!! My Karaoke Classic

Hanshin, Taigaasu!! Fure, fure fure fure!…

3. Sonna No Kankee Ne!

Kojima No, Kojima No Tetsugaku!…Kojima Yoshio was a big hit in 2007, replacing “Hard Gay” with his catchphrase “sonna no kankee nee”, basically meaning “who gives a f*ck”. It caught on all over Japan, with small children jumping around copying his arm thrusting actions and “Oppapi”s.

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