Its Sakura season, and I’ve been busy looking at the blossoms, walking round the blossoms and drinking under the blossoms. Here’s a couple of kanpeki photos from this weekend…

In two weeks two members of the Martin clan will be landing on these shores… Papa Martin aka my Dad, and Uncle Bailey, aka…my uncle, Robin. Until then I’m busy with the usual stuff that accompanies the start of a school year; first-year students shouting “harro!!” (if they’re male) and giggling incomprehensibly (if they’re female), planning the odd lesson, and meeting new teachers. The new kocho at my second school is female, and speaks English (both rarities for a kocho sensei), while the two new English teachers seem very nice.

In other news, the Blues drew 1-1 with Everton today, while Bolton and Fulham both won. The end of the season remains very giri giri as the Japanese say, so be sure to check in for regular updates! Hanshin continue to fight strongly and stay top of the Central League, but all of my attention has returned to where it should be- on the Blues fight for survival!