…a disaster has occurred in my home city, with the shock waves so massive they’ve reached 5,000 miles across mountains and oceans to here in Japan. Yes, Blues have lost the ding-dong-derby to Aston Villa, going down in an embarrasingly one sided encounter 5-1. I was all ready to declare “there were more fouls than a day out on a chicken farm” (might post that one on the Guardian blog to get yet another mention in their bi-weekly podcast Football Weekly). Yet in truth the game was too one-sided for anyone to get heated up. I’ll be honest, I turned the volume down a fair way at 2-0, and stopped listening at 4. It’s embarrassing. For all the hoo-haa when Alex McLeish took over from Steve Bruce, he’s done little to show he has top class managing qualities. Yes yes he hasn’t really had time to “mould” the squad (although having said that Bruce managed to effect change in the January transfer window of our first ever season in the Prem). But he has had time to institute man management and tactical changes. Ridgewell in particular seems looser at the back than a tourist after too much Japanese curry (another one for the Guardian blog).

To ease my heartache, my Dad is visiting in less than a week. Although during the time he’s here, we have a potential decider against Fulham- at least we can share in the gloom together if that proves to be our downfall I suppose.

Grrr. I was going to discuss my newly acquired Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens, and my future (in that order of priority). But now I’m gonna go to bed, as I have 60 15-year olds to teach tomorrow, starting at the ungodly hour of 9am.