Another first post, this time for my “General Blogness” section.

Obviously I love Japan. I’ve been here two years, and am still not tired of the place. It combines the best of a different, Asian lifestyle with the ease and convenience of living in a truly first world country. Okayama, however, is starting to grate. It’s just so small-town compared to the places I’d like to be- Tokyo, or London. This is exemplified by the old people that seem to crowd around the escalators at Okayama Station, particularly when people are in a rush.

Escalator Manners

Before I start, late me just make it clear that its not just me being anal. In Japan people like rules- where and when to stand in two orderly lines when queueing for the train, when to cross the road and when to stand waiting for the lights to turn green, even though theres no cars for a mile in either direction. This is carried over onto escalators, or “esukareita”, and there are specific rules depending on which city you’re in. In Tokyo, you stand on the left. In Osaka, you stand on the right. And in Okayama, you stand in frustration while the old people just above you stand on both sides, blissfully unaware of the build-up of disgruntled salarymen (and gaijin) behind them, wanted to race up.

Anyway, I’m aware of the rather mundane content of this first general blogness post, but its something that really got my goat this morning, when trying to hastily buy a chicken sandwich before catching my connecting train.

Mata ne!