One point gained before kick-off became two points lost yesterday, as the Boys in Blue squandered a fantastic 2-0 lead to draw with Liverpool 2-2. Once more McLeish’s hopeless optimism that “this point could keep us in the league” hid the fact that our defence was truly terrible, while it may well be that the failure to clinch three will send us down. I’m not a big fan of McLeish, but the same can’t be said of Seb Larsson. Yet another magical free kick gave us the two goal cushion, equalling if not bettering his past efforts this season. With him, Mikael Forssell, and James McFadden, not to mention Zarate on the bench, I really do believe we should be able to survive…

At the time I was actually quite pleased with the result, although I think this was more the result of alcohol and a nervy final 10 minutes when our confidence seemed to crumble with every pass of the ball. Me and Masashi had gone into OKC (Okayama City) to watch the Chelsea ManU game (another cracker by the way), and then I’d found out that the next match on in the OzzieBar was the Blues one! So, of course, we had to stay, meaning we missed the last train and had to get a taxi all the way back to Kojima . I would have normally just gona to a MangaCafe to wait for the first train a few hours later, but having things to do today meant I needed those crucial 4-6am hours of sleep!

Surprisingly the OzzieBar, a gaijin institution in OKC with its gloomy interior and slightly worn out, depressing feel, was as much full of Japanese as foreigners. Me and Mashi made a whole posse of Japanese friends, and drank way too much before karaoke-ing it up with our new found compadres.

Results and The Table

Birmingham 2 Liverpool 2
Man City 2 Fulham 3
Spurs 1 Bolton 1
Wigan 0 Reading 0

So no one lost, and Fulham won. The updated table is to the right. Two games to go!!