After a week and a half of sightseeing with my Dad and uncle, I had a very lazy weekend planned- sort out my apartment a bit, indulge in a serious lie-in on Saturday morning, some light shopping, meet the girlfriend etc etc. Unfortunately a seriously annoying stomach ailment, slight fever, and lying in till 2.30pm on Saturday scuppered these plans, while rearranged Sunday plans also fell through, leaving me with a day with nothing to do (except make frequent toilet trips).

Today has actually made me realise how “Japanese” my life has become. First up was a breakfast of miso soup and rice– to calm my stomach, not a regular thing I must admit. Second (at 2pm but I did wake up late) was the far more exciting first live baseball game of the day! Hanshin took on the BayStars, and put in a routine if workmanlike performance to grind out a solid 3-1 win. The game marked the return of Jeff Williams, putting the J back into our JFK pitching line up (although the K, Kubota, hasn’t been playing so great so far). In between dull mid-game innings I popped round to the hyaku-en shop, where you can buy almost anything you could possibly wish for a mere 100 yen. Getting back, and after seeing the game out, I went on a bike ride round Kojima, riding round the Shimonocho coast, and popping to my favourite old sake shop (run by an old couple for 65 years!) to buy some sweet umeshu sake. Unfortunately it was closed, so I’ll pop back tomorrow (although it might be closed then too, Mionday being the traditional holiday day for shops). While I was out I got a mail from friend Meghan, telling me that Asashoryu had lost his first bout in the Tokyo Haru sumo basho– another great Japanese sport! Now I’m back at home, typing this, and watching the Yomiuri Giants take on the Chunichi Dragons- god bless live sport on terrestrial TV!

The day won’t all be Japanese food, drink and sporting events though- tonight I’ll watch the Blues “Victories Over Villa” DVD my Dad brought me before listening to the final Premiership games of the season- to see if the Blues can cling on to survival…