Yes, its just about to turn midnight here in Japan, my stomach hurts and I have a slight fever. I also have a class at 9am tomorrow (as well as more through the day), yet here I am, glued to my computer, following the final day of the Premier League!

As things stand, at half time, Fulham are drawing 0-0 with Pompey, while Blues lead Blackburn 1-0 thanks to a Murphy 25-yarder. Sadly Reading are also in the lead, currently beating Derby 1-0.

As luck would have it, Japanese TV is also showing the Wigan-Man U game live, although with a five minute time delay. So I knew Ronaldo would score a penalty five minutes before he did.

At half time, the table looks like this…

Reading 36

Blues 35

Fulham 34

It could all change in the next 45, as I burn the midnight oil to follow the world’s greatest sport, taking place 5000 miles away…

Stay tuned for updates…

  • UPDATE– Big shout out to the boys in Royal Blue down at St.Andrews: Dylan, Dave, Dad, Mike and Pam! Whatever the result in the relegation battle, if we win today we keep some pride. Pride is what we also need at Pride Park, Derby’s home ground, although to be honest I reckon Derby have as much chance of getting a win as a chain-smoking Japanese teacher in a Pachinko parlor (contrived simily I know, but give me a break, I’m sick)
  • UPDATE– The second half is underway. Could it be our last 45 minutes in the Prem League for a while? The Guardian reports that Fulham owner Al Fayed has promised a Harrod’s hamper to the Fulham players is they avoid the drop, including champagne, caviar, and viagra. What’s certain is that we’ll need more than…ok I won’t make that joke. Its terrible. Just come on Derby, pull ur effing fingers out!!!
  • UPDATE- Blackburn score!!!! 😦 😦 😦 1-1. Another defensive fuck-up (it seems). Story of our fucking season eh. Following Blues- what can you do. At least Derby fans have had no hope. Rather than having it snatched away. Why are we so damn f**king useless!! (WARNING- More moaning and strong language will undoubtedly follow).
  • UPDATE– I’ll tell you what you don’t need when you have an upset tummy. Serious stress involving pacing. Another toilet trip beckons…
  • UPDATE– Vila are now 2-1 up, with Everton drawing 1-1 with Newcastle. The UEFA Cup place is still up for grabs. Meanwhile Man U are still 1-0 up, Chelsea being held 0-0 at home to Bolton.
  • UPDATEDerby 0 Reading 2- Blues are down and out, in the words of George Orwell. We need Derby to score 2 goals.
  • UPDATE– Chelsea score. More importantly, the Blues fans are drowning out commentator Tom Ross as they sing when we’re going down. Good old Blues fans. In another aside, Man City are now losing 4-0 to Boro- looks like Sven will be packing his bags (probably stuffing them full with another healthy pay-off).
  • UPDATEReading 3 Derby 0. BIRMINGHAM CITY are RELEGATED. Maybe this is a sign from above that I should move to Tokyo.
  • UPDATEBlues 2 Blackburn 1! Jerome puts us back in front, but in the words of Tom Ross, too little, too late.
  • UPDATE- Pompey 0 Fulham 1. Readings 3 goals against Derby will be for nothing if Fulham hold onto their lead.

Blues 3 Blackburn 1! Blues end their Premiership campaign on a high. Another Jerome goal.

Blues 4 Blackburn 1! Muamba.