It may appear as though I revel in a life of all things Japanese, not for one moment missing the joys (and sorrows) of life in the UK. But that is not the case. By far the biggest stumbling block to happiness at the moment in the realisation that Euro 2008 will be essentially ruined for me this year, thanks to the arcane maschination that is world time zones

The relatively few early 6pm kick-offs will start in Japan at 1am, a just about achieveable time to watch a game of football. Yet all the important games- including the semis and the final- will kick-off at the ridiculous time of 3.45am!! It’s not quite night, and it’s not quite day. Even if I do manage to watch games at this time, should I be drinking beer or coffee? To me it seem like it falls just outside beer drinking time, yet I can’t possibly be starting days- work days- at 3.45!

God damn it, I want to go home.

Even before the Euros start, mine and Kawahara’s plan of watching and betting on the Champions League Final has also been scrapped as its on next wednesday- again at 3.45…