It will come as no surprise that as I ponder what to do from August onwards, all I see- in the words of Bob and this blog- is mixed-up confusion. I got an offer from SOAS to study an MA in Pacific Asian Studies, and when I emailed the bloke in charge it seemed very easy to both change degrees if I wish (to Japanese Studies, perhaps) and/or defer my entry for a year. He flatteringly told me that “with my profile” it shouldn’t be a problem. Yet is this really flattery? As uncle Robin astutely pointed out, SOAS is not just a university but a company, and with me stumping up 4 grand for the privilege of studying there I am most definately a customer. One of the most attractive post-grad programes, an MA in Diplomacy and International Relations, charges an unbelievable 10,000 pounds for a one-year course! It is assumed this is to cover the extras the course provides- a trip to Brussels, and the ensuing highly expensive lunches. But still, what a joke

The other option open to me is moving to Tokyo, and combining a bit of on-the-side teaching of English with a job at one of the Tokyo English-speaking magazines and/or newspapers. Searches into such work are ongoing. At the moment this is number one, but is of course highly dependent on whether I can actually find and get a job. Also the hassle of moving cities in a foreign country is a bit off-putting, albeit not insurmountably so.

After those two, things get a little hazy. There was the idea of teaching in China for a year, but (queue slight anti-Chinese bias picked up from Japanese friends) China is dirty, noisy and people are perhaps not quite so receptive to foreign teachers. Another idea is Singapore- a very nice country- but as people their speak English I’d be a bit stuck (I could teach a course on Football Parlance I suppose…)

Any ideas are welcome, no idea is too stupid, but the time has definitely come to sort something out, and sooner rather than later.

Mark my words, if I haven’t got a clear idea of what to do with my life in exactly one months time, I’ll be in despair. Thats 3pm on 13th June as a set deadline, the day of the Italy-Romania and France-Netherlands Euro games I won’t be watching.