My laptop, after 5 years of solid service, has finally died a death. Luckily I’d backed up everything important onto my portable hard drive, so now all there is to concern me is whether to wait for my return to the UK to buy a new computer, or get one in Japan.

Enter the shiny HP computer I found…it costs 120,00 yen (around 600 quid), and has a massive 160GB hard drive, fairly decent graphics card, 1GB RAM (not as good as 2GB, but I don’t think I’ll be pushing the laptop to the extent I’ll need 2 and if I do, I can buy more later), and most importantly looks really really shiny. Its also got a big widescreen, making it less portable (no posing with it on the Shinkansen), but better for photos and DVDs.

The question is, do I need a laptop for my final 3 months? Probably not, as I have an internet cafe just down the road and internet access at both my schools. But on the other hand, going home to an apartment without internet means no late night web surfing, online watching of football matches, MSN Messenger talky- goodness or playing of Football Manager/Pro Evo. Like it or not computer access is as fundamental to my life as watching the TV or reading a book. The main downside of buying the laptop is that I’ll then have to deal with taking my old one back- although I could ship it back in a box along with the many many books I’ve acquired. The other big plus is that by buying it with my Japan pay-cheque, I in effect save money, as I’ll spend my paycheck on beer if I don’t spend it on a laptop. If I wait till I get home, I’ll just end up using previous funds from my UK savings.

Sorry this isn’t a very interesting post…but anyway!