Stress surrounds me, as new computer woes combine with future uncertainness to create a cocktail of doom, a recipe of disaster. I’ve applied for a few jobs in Tokyo- stuff with dispatch agencies, and eikaiwas, and picture a year of bumming around Shibuya station and Ebisu before returning to do a SOAS degree next year. The trouble is, all these things are uncertain, and the waiting for results from the jobs is highly stressful. I’m even considering just starting at SOAS this September, but a lack of finances makes this almost impossible.

Anyway, to move off the stress for a moment, Japan’s inter-league baseball spell has started! This is when the Central League teams play the Pacific League teams, 2 games each home and way, for a total of 24 games per team. Obviously this has less of an effect on the rankings, as a win against a fellow Central League team affects both Hanshin’s and their opponents season average, whereas a win against a Pa-League team just affect Hanshin’s. Nonetheless, its interesting to see teams that you don’t normally get to see, and educational as to the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two leagues.

Expect more on this and other things once my computer troubles are resolved.

Hanshin’s Inter-League Record So Far…

Orlicks 4, Hashin 3 (20th May)

Hanshin 7, Orlicks 3 (21st)

Softbank 7, Hanshin 2 (23rd)

Hanshin 5, Softbank 2 (24th)

Hanshin 5, Seibu 1 (25th)

Hanshin 2, Seibu 1 (26th- Kanemoto sayonara hit!)