Gaining Some Understanding

So much to blog! Not having a laptop anymore has clearly affected my “creative output”, but I’ll try to set that right now from the comfort of an Internet Cafe easychair. First up I had an entertaining weekend, getting to watch two of Euro 2008s best games (Italy 1 Romania 1, France 1 Holland4), even if it did mean staying up all night. Both were absolute classics, with amazing goals, and have now been equalled by the highlights I just watched on footytube of the Czech-Turkey game. That means the Group A qualifying teams- Portugal and Turkey- are as my predictions suggested (hard luck Pip, the Czechs came so close!).

This week I’ve been snowed under with Interview Tests, for the last time. That look of fear that crosses student’s faces as they realise they’ve forgotten what “What do you like to do in your free time?” is in, well, English, is one I’ll definately remember. And despite the lack of sense in it, I do find myself repeating the Brits-abroad technique of speaking slowly and very loudly in the hope that somehow the meaning will reach the other side of the interview desk. I was pleasantly surprised today though, when my night-school class had clearly done some revision and did  well.

In other news my clarity ring has been finished, and is being exhibited at Alapaap, an art cafe on the coast between Kojima and Tamano. I met up with Yutaka, Kawabe (quite literally the Lord of the Rings) and co. on sunday. Its a lovely ring, and an amazingly generous gift. In receiving such an item I am both humble and very appreciative, and I hope my photos do it justice. I like to think of the photos I take as some sort of art- although theres a very serious danger of sounding pretentious saying this. Yet Kawabe is not at all pretentious, and is undoubtedly an artist- maybe the trick is in being amazingly good at what you do, or at least treating it seriously, and devoting time and energy to it. Anyhoo, cheers Kawabe!

There are no real updates on my decision making, although I did buy a big box today to start packing up stuff to send home. I’m gonna be going back for a bit whatever, yet still if I’m gonna come back to Japan in September I need to decide soon!!! At the moment there are two more-probable options…

– Work in Tokyo for a year at a school (less salary than JET, no chance of significant saving)

– Work in (oh god) Birmingham for six-seven months, save up enough to go away for six months, travelling from Turkey to Japan overland! (This could be altered to living in London, although I’ll have to save which seems unlikely if I head daan sawwf)

Which is better? Someone please tell me! Either way, I got positive responses from all the SOAS people about both changing course (from “Pacific Asian” to “Japanese” Studies, a minor change) and deferring for a year- seem they want me (or my money!). It’ll give me the chance to apply for lots of scholarships…