Insadong, on my visit to Seoul two years ago

A crazy plan if ever there was one. Moving to Seoul will allow me to save 100,000yen a month (500 quid), while also living very comfortably on barbequed meat and all-you-can-eat kimchi. I can then spent the saved money on- well- some travel*- before starting my SOAS degree in September 2009 (hopefully with funding). The big disadvantage- looking deep into the future- is that this will rule out a World Cup trip in 2010, at least for the group stages. On the other hand, a World Cup trip would undoubtedly be a nightmare in terms of finding places to stay, plus South Africa’s theives and criminals will be having a field-day on the streets of Jo-burg and other cities- the country is more dangerous than a Stan Lazaridis cross! I could always go to South Africa after, but anyway I digress…

If I did go to South Korea, it would be on the wonderfully acronymed SMOE scheme, an English teacher programme run by the City of Seoul. I’d be trading one acronym for another, and a country I love for a country unknown, replete with beginner language difficulties and cultural cluelessness. どうしよかなぁぁぁ!!

Reasons to Go
– I can save lots of money while living well.
– I get to experience living in another country
– They have Japanese, English (and of course Korean) karaoke!
– Its close to Japan; meaning lots of Japanese culture seeps through, including hopefully Hanshin Tigers!!

Reasons Not to Go
– I’d like to live in Tokyo more, but I couldn’t save money there.
– I could end up constantly comparing it to Japan, which would probably win.
– Opportunity Cost! What would I be doing otherwise? Well, if it’d be living in Birmingham then…

I’m more confused than panda with a headache…and time is ticking…