Well, hopefully no-one noticed that all four of my quater-final predictions for the EUROs were wrong. That’s a consistent 100% of wrongness, quite an achievement! The Dutch disappointed, the Russians fell just short, and the Germans were disappointing in the final as Spain clinched a deserved 1-0 victory and the Championship. Thoughts now turn to…Birmingham City! Yes, I’ll be back in the UK just in time to wing it from Heathrow to St.Andrews for our season opener.

In Japanese sporting news Hanshin continue their unstoppable march to the Se-League title, winning two in a row against their nearest rivals Chunichi Dragons! On Tuesday they were tied 3-3 before going on to win 8-3, then on Wednesday they were 3-3 going into the 9th. Hiyama swung big and hit to the outfield but was caught just short of getting a home run. Then it was Katsuragi’s turn. He also hit big and found the gap, allowing Hanshin to grab a sayonara run and win the match 4-3! Hey hey! I’ll be saying sayonara to Hanshin on the 15th of July, when I see them one last time at Kurashiki Muscat Stadium, once again taking on the Yakult Swallows.