I passed the SMOE interview for a job in Seoul, and have been offered a teaching gig at a slightly higher salary than I expected- 2.2 million won a month. I won that one! Hee hee. Anyway, it looks like I’ll be going to Seoul, South Korea next.

Next week is my Week of Destiny- last lessons on Monday and Wednesday, with a last trip to see Hanshin Tigers sandwiched in between on the Tuesday. Then its buying my flight on the Thursday, and two speeches on Friday- one from 10am at Shonan, and another at 5.30pm at Seishi. A busy and stressful week, after which I’ll only have three more weeks on these fair, wonderful isles. Despite getting the Korea gig, and returning home after two years, my thoughts are predominantly sadness at leaving lovely Japan, the best country ever! I’ve embraced Japan-ness like nothing else, and even if I don’t return (to quote a line from my speech draft), Japan will always have a place in my heart. いつも心の中にいるでしょう。Although I’d be sad if I didn’t return- theres still plenty of fun to be had in Tokyo at some point in the future.

Still, looking forward…I’ll be back in the UK from the 9th, just enough time to catch up with family, friends (both staying and departing ones), and the Blues. Then I have to leave for Korea on the 25th. A crazy summer schedule! How will things go in Seoul? Will I enjoy living in a big big city? And can I possible squeeze another foreign tongue into my already addled brain? Find out here, on Mixed-Up Confusion (zing!)