Last weekend I went to Kansai for the last time. I’ve been to the Kansai area countless times over the last two years (although I did try to count them- 7 times to Kobe, 6 times to Osaka, and 5 times to Kyoto I think), and this was a sort of farewell visit. We hung out in Kobe, took photos of the bustling Sannomiya train station, briefly experienced the not entirely pleasurable mass of people at Osaka JR station, and visited the shiny-ness of Kyoto station and my favourite temple, Heian Jingu. I also managed to get back to Koshien Stadium to buy a “happi” coat, a kind of festival matsuri style short gown that goes perfectly with nikkopokko trousers and tabi boots- I’ll post a photo of me in this crazy outfit if I have time.