Regrets…I have but a few. The biggest of which is not climbing Fuji-san during my time in Japan. When I arrived there was an Okayama AJET group going, but I decided not to go then, saving the trip for a separate occasion with a smaller group of friends in the future. Then time flew and the chance to go dissappeared with a busy summer. I did see Fuji from the five-lakes area when Dan visited during last year’s Golden Week, but alas we couldn’t climb then. Then Tim and Joe arrived, we bought head-lights, and were on the verge of going one saturday, but stayed out in Okayama all night on the friday, scuppering that chance. Time has flown again and now the climbing season is upon us- but I have no time to go now and it’ll have to be saved for the future.

This Saturday is the English Teachers Farewell Party- a chance to drink with and thank the many teachers I have taught with at Shonan High School. Then I have separate farewells on tuesday and wednesday with my kindergarten teacher, Reito, and his students, followed by a separate Kojima drinking party with Kawahara and Kagawa senseis. Thursday gives me a chance to pack and clean, then the last weekend in Japan is upon me, with farewell events galore before I leave Okayama Prefecture on tuesday 5th August. A day and a half follow, during which I’ll do a few bits and bobs, before flying home to Igirisu on friday 8th, via Hong Kong. My mood is predominantly sad, and although it’ll be nice to see everyone back home it really does feel like I’m leaving my home. Still, the door is always open for an eventual return, and going to Korea just two weeks after I get back home should keep me sufficiently busy to not get too nostalgic (not that I need much time to do that mind you)