Well, I’m in Seoul! The last week has been spent in an Alcatraz-style compound on the outskirts of the city. Denied alcohol, and woken up by cheerful Korean announcements at 6am every day, its more like a rehab clinic than a training centre. Yet training we have had. Presentations, lesson plans, trips to musems, and poster sessions have all made up the colourful collage that has been life in this building.

Thankfully the fun will end tomorrow when we meet our school reps and get taken to our apartments. I’m at at academic high school thats famous for baseball, called Baemoon High (pronounced in the sitting on the dock of the bay way rather than the bye bye way)

All I really know so far is that I’m living right slap bang in the centre of Seoul. More soon, but from now on all updates will be on my NEW BLOG, NOT HERE.

This blog is over for now.