As if to relieve the stress felt at both Hanshin Tigers’ struggle for Ce-League dominance and Korean teachers’ broom-handle antics, today I found out when my holidays are.

I’ll have the 24th December until the 6th January off, and the potential to have the whole month of February off too. The second statement needs some qualifying; if the Principal of my school permits it, I won’t have to work for the month of February because there are no classes, no students, and few Korean teachers. If the Principal doesn’t permit it, I’ll have to come in every day from 8am to 12am for the month, leaving me with all afternoons free to enjoy as I see fit. Both scenarios are far better than stretches I faced in Japan, when Shonan had no lessons yet I was forced to come in every day and sit at my desk like a lemon. The whole issue of time will crop up again next August, when the school goes through a similar period of idleness.

To balance this lazy lifestyle I’ll have to take part in a residential English camp for four gruellingly hellish days and nights at the end of January.