“Theres no way Yokohama can beat Kyojin” I declared today to Mr.Park, the Korean Japanese language teacher and Yomirui Giants fan. He agreed.

But they did! 8-4 at Tokyo Dome, to give Hanshin a lifeline going into the last three days of the 2008 Season (if my posts display a nerd like obsession with the Tigers, then its only for two more days I promise- well, until post season starts). Once again I was able to watch the whole game on the internet after finding an excellent website- yatta!

The remaining fixtures are as follows…

Yokohama vs Hanshin, Yakult vs Giants (TOMORROW)

Yokohama vs Hanshin, Yakult vs Giants (SATURDAY)

Hanshin vs Chunichi (SUNDAY)

And here’s what can happen…if the Giants win both of their remaining games, they win. If they lose one more and Hanshin win theres, Hanshin win. After that it gets very complicated. The one big thing on our side is that the Yakult Swallows (who incidentally I’ve seen twice) hate the Giants, so theres an intra-Tokyo rivalry going on there. Yokohama, on the other hand, bear no animosity toward Hanshin and are the worst team in the league on paper (although todays 8-4 hammering of the Giants at Tokyo Dome tells a different story).

Unfortunately I’ll miss tomorrows games as I have to actually see and talk to people (damn sociability), and drink as well. But nothings decided tomorrow.

A chance remains! Go Tigers!!