On Friday we had the annual marathon. My job was to run behind the students and “encourage” them with a rolled up newspaper. Actually it was quite fun, and after we got out of sight of the Vice Principal I walked along with the stragglers and talked to those who wanted to practice English. Whenever a checkpoint came up I would shout “run! go! go! go!” to get them going again until the danger- sorry, teachers- had passed.

This marathon lasted from 9am till around 11, after which we talked, played games and rested in the World Cup Stadium Park until 3pm. Then there was a drinking party, dominated by old men and soju (more of which another time) that I managed to escape from around 5ish.

Starting The Marathon At 8.30am

Gentle Encouragement From Gwansama

Me With Kuma-Lee and Nam

Mr. Lee and Ms. Jin

Nam, Ms.Im, Mr.Lee and Mr.Park