Sometimes you think you have a problem. That you alone are weird, and have this strange habit while everyone else is “normal”. And then you discover, via the internet (that most trustworthy of resources) that there are many others out there like you. There are even Facebook groups for people like you. Thats what I finally realised today about my favourite drink for the past 3 years, Pocari Sweat!

Pocari Sweat is an oddly named Japanese sports drink that to the untrained taste bud resembles watered down Gatorade or Lucozade. It claims to replace electrolytes lost while sweating- hence the odd name (odd but not as odd as “Calpiss”, a milky Japanese soft drink that is absolutely undrinkable). Its arch-rival is Aquarius, a sports drink manufactured by that Great Satan the Coca-Cola drinks company that it both similar and completely different at the same time (Pocari is manufactured by the Otsuka Pharmeceutical Company)

Pocari has become the mainstay of my life for the past 3 years- I drink it CONSTANTLY and was actually craving it more than anything else- sushi, baseball, karaoke- while back home in the summer. Luckily they sell it in Korea! Actually I might have to limit the countries I can live in from now on to those that sell Pocari Sweat- China, Egypt, Thailand, the UAE and Oman.

Wherever you are in the world, seek out and consume Pocari Sweat in vast quantities!