Rhetoric is, by its very nature, so often overblown. So when one hears that Obama’s rise is the dawning of a new era, that his victory is historic and history making, and that the politics of fear have finally been replaced by the politics of hope, it is easy to get caught up in the rapture, and the hysteria. Yet the simple fact is that this victory means so much to so many, black and white, men and women, Americans and non-Americans. The capacity for belief and optimism, after years of mistrust and dismay resulting from the actions of George W Bush et al., truly should fill us all with hope. Whether future policies will fulfill the lofty expectations created by today’s events, whether actions will replace rhetoric, we do not yet know. But for certain, we can be happy in a new direction…let’s face it, after 8 years of Bush things could only get better…


Congratulations to all Americans and to Barack Hussein Obama!

Post-Election Without The Emotion

Ok now some more serious looking at the election results, without the wishy-washy “I love Obama and I’m so happy” stuff (though I do and I am).

In the electoral college things went precisely as I predicted, with Obama picking up 338 college votes. This means that…ahem…yes?…whats that?? Ok so there are still three states to call…Missouri, Indiana and North Carolina. The only other prediction in my poll came from Tim, who went for 356. So he’d need another 18 electoral votes. Given that Missouri, Indian and North Carolina have 11, 11, and 15 votes, any one of three, if not more, would technically put Tim closer to the magic number. Hmmm.

In the Senate the Democrats made convincing gains, if not quite reaching the magic number of 60 seats that they’d hoped to. Unbelievably in the state of Alaska disgraced Republican senator Ted Stevens is winning slightly with 81% of precincts reporting, which just goes to show how idiotic a majority of Alaskans are. In the other tight races it really could go either way. At the moment the NY Times puts the total at 56-40 with 4 undecided, but if the Alaskan situations remains the same the final total could be 58-42. In Minnesota Al Franken looks like he’s lost by a mere few hundred votes, mainly due to the involvement of a third party candidate.

In the House the Democrats gained 18, to put there total at 252 to the Republicans 171, with 12 undecided.

Ok and thats enough stats.