I’m going back to Japan for 3 weeks in the New Year! I’m going from 31st January to the 22nd February, and will try to visit Sapporo (Hokkaido), Tokyo, Osaka and Okayama while I’m there. I’m also trying to make it the cheapest trip possible by sleeping on people’s floors, using the Couchsurfing website and genearlly slumming it. And maybe hitching! (apart from one obligatory Shinkansen ride).

I did consider going to another country for 3 weeks- I still really want to visit Vietnam- but this might be the only opportunity for some time to see old friends, and I’ll be there over the time of my old schools graduation too. I can also visit lots of new places I haven’t been to before- wonderful winter destinations like Sapporo, Nagano and Beppu.