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I found out my prize for the Photo Comp is to have any image I want blown up to 100cm x 70cm and digitally scanned onto a canvas. This leaves me with a problem- which image should I choose!? Obviously its got to be one that has meaning to me, as well as being striking enough to look good on a canvas that size. Also- given the spread of my photos- it will almost certainly be a picture taken in Japan.

So far the candidates are…

1.Fuji from Tokyo

2. The Inland Sea from the Seto Ohashi Bridge

3. People on the Sea, Hokkaido

4. One of Two Landscape Shots from Hokkaido

5. Train Picture!

6. Sumo Picture!

As you can see I haven’t really narrowed it down that much- in fact any image for this or this set could really be included in the shortlist. The key is to remember that I want to choose an image that looks good at 100cm x 70cm.