As a wise man once said, life is a series of imperfect decisions made at unpredictable times. This doesn’t entirely apply to me, as my life has basically revolved around September-September blocks since I was 4. In my case then, the next decision point looms, if not large, then at least visible on the horizon.

Complicating decisions this time around is that I’ve now hit 25, still don’t have any sort of serious plan for life, and have lived away from the UK for 3 years. Surely its time to touch base, if not lay down roots, perhaps indulge in some further education in the nation’s capital? This was my plan, until I realised a few things…

First, doing a Masters in Japanese Studies is about as useful for getting actual jobs as buying myself a new shiny velvet cape- it might be really fun doing it, but is it really a wise move in the long run? If I decide to go into university teaching, then sure, its both a wise and necessary step- but I haven’t made that decision yet.

Secondly, is it that important to touch base? Obviously there are moments of missing friends, family, Waitrose humous and trips down the Blues. But the yearnings I’ve had since September have been increasingly of my last registered domicile, Japan, rather than of the UK.

Coupled with this is the serious case of extremely itchy feet from not having travelled “seriously” since 2005 (China), and actually since Janaury (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore)- I really wanna get travelling again, and not in a “two weeks on a Thai beach” sense but in more of a Paul Theroux  kind of way (without wanting to sound too pretentious).

This leads me to a couple of obvious conclusions- I need to go travelling, and go to Japan. I’m accomplishing the latter in February; that visit may help me get some perspective on how much I’m missing Japan, but I’m fairly confident that actually I want to return to the Land of the Rising Sun for longer than a holiday. Where in Japan? The only place with two, yes two H&Ms- Tokyo. When and how to return to Japan are questions that can wait for now.

Moving on, lets address the former conclusion- I need to go travelling. I can’t really travel while I’m here in Seoul, which means the next available opportunity is when my contract finishes, in early September 2009. I then basically have a period of time until the natural (for me) break of the 2010 World Cup- 9/10 months. Why not go travelling then!!

And so to the conclusion of this long and slightly rambling post- I’m thinking of ditching my Masters in London plan for a Travelling Round The World plan, possibly followed by a Living In Tokyo Somehow plan.

Just thinking at the moment though…