Merry Christmas everyone! I’m currently typing this at work, sitting at my desk and listening to Mark Kermode’s film review podcast. Despite having no lessons, no tasks to accomplish and a hangover, I’m sitting here until 11.30am. So I thought I might as well write something on the blog.

I had a nice Christmas eve…me and Yoori went for a Thai meal in Itaewon, then walked up a hill to a great place with a view all over Seoul, close to Hyehwa station where I first stayed when I visited Seoul two years ago. On Christmas day I opened my (one) present (more have arrived since), had a few beers in Itaewon with some darts and pool, then saw a movie in Sinchon (Twilight). Luckily I’d stocked up on tasty treats from CostCo, so I could have a midnight feast of Spanish salami, cream cheese and pesto when I got home.

After today’s nonsensical day of work I’m off for over a week! Then its “Winter Camp”, aka 1 hour of work a week for 2 and a half weeks. After that I’m off to Japan for 3 weeks. So the next couple of months are quite possibly the easiest I’ve had it for some time. I’m aiming to press on with my Heisig “Remembering The Kanji” study, getting through 35 kanji a day for a total of  455 in the time of Winter Camp, as well as stack up on gym appearances. I’ve got no excuse when I work from 1.10 – 2 every day.

Ok I’ve rambled on enough now. Time to listen to some more podcasts and watch a few Daily Show reruns. Another hour and a half to go aaaaaaah…