I should add that there were two things that surprised me about this test. Firstly, almost all of the modern political leaders appear in the top right quadrant of the spectrum. Secondly, I’m fairly confident that an overwhelming majority of my friends would join me in the lower left quadrant. What does this tell us about the relationship between “us” and our leaders?


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If you have a spare moment, go over to www.politicalcompass.org and take their test. It’s very illuminating. I won’t explain the results for you- and you shouldn’t read the analysis beforehand, only after taking the test. Here’s my graph…


Economic Left/Right: -4.75

Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.74

Thanks to Reed Daigle‘s website for reminding me to take this. What’s startling, and also very interesting, is the graph of “famous people” and their relative positions on the chart.

There’s also a graph that explains the changes in position of the 3 major political parties in the UK since the 1970s- worth a look.