This latest attack demonstrates the absurdity and the brutality of Israel’s attack on the occupied territory of Gaza. Why is Israel carrying out these attacks and what can be done to stop the violence?

As usual with political issues in this age people seem to join facebook groups to express their support one way or the other. I searched for “Israel” and “Palestine”, and found many groups for those who supported Israel and its policies, and many groups calling Israel an illegal state. It’s this polarisation, especially on the anti-Israeli foreign policy side, which makes discussion, let alone resolution, so difficult. The group “I bet I can find 1,000,000 who dislike the state of Israel” professed ‘ we don’t dislike the people of Israel, we don’t like the polics of Israel’, yet one member wrote ‘FUCK YOU ISRAEL’ 40 times as a message post.

I don’t hate Israel. I don’t dislike Israel. I don’t dislike Israelis. Yet I find some of the reports about the bombing of UN schools and the denying of aid abhorrent. Does Israel really think that this is the way to solve the conflict within its borders? And does it honestly think that bombing Gaza like this will reduce the support of more extreme groups like Hamas? I don’t know- once again we can only hope that the European states and the international community takes some sort of lead, as the US under George Bush is clearly unwilling to do so.